Application Modernization

Revitalize Your Heritage, Thrive in the Cloud.

In the contemporary digital era, the imperative for application modernization has grown significantly. Organizations need to reconfigure their application landscape to ensure resilience, responsiveness, and relevance on an enterprise-wide scale.

The Modernization approach employed by the Unitres team, driven by an AI-first strategy, enables businesses to evolve into 'live enterprises.' This involves the seamless modernization of their legacy application landscape without causing any disruptions to daily operations.

Our Application Modernization Competencies

Application reengineering

With a wide pool of legacy application modernization skills, we can help you restore and slightly modify code and design of your long-running enterprise applications. The apps with modern modular architectures are easier to maintain and evolve, and they can benefit from distributed computing, cloud elasticity and resilience. Nowadays, our clients tend to get maximum value from service-oriented architecture (SOA), microservices, and serverless implementations.

Legacy app migration to cloud

Depending on the application and business needs, Unitres offers one of the three ways to the cloud – application re-hosting, application re-platforming or a cloud-native implementation.

Regulatory compliance

Our compliance consultants, cybersecurity engineers, and software developers help ensure that your apps comply with applicable laws and regulations (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others). They assess your software and its design, development, testing, and deployment processes, identify gaps in your compliance program and develop a customized plan to address them.

Application modernization consulting

We thoroughly investigate your legacy application code and infrastructure, mine requirements, and provide detailed guidance on the improvements that can help you to derive max value from previous investments.

Data modernization

We revamp an approach to data management and upgrade data systems to set up fast, scalable and secure data analytics within your company. We implement self-service BI and apply various data visualization techniques to let you generate on-demand reports and grab enlightening data insights.

Mobile and cross-platform compatibility

Our designers and developers help businesses ensure their software offers seamless experiences across platforms and devices. We thoroughly review your solution to identify any potential compatibility issues (like functionality and display problems, security conflicts) and provide recommendations for remediation.

Application Modernization

Assessment and Goal Setting

Identify your organization's specific needs and goals for automation. Understand which business processes can benefit the most from automation. Define clear and measurable objectives, such as cost reduction, process optimization, or improved customer service.

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